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That's Right, Ice Cream For Your Dog!  Our Coconut Milk Based Ice Cream Is Lactose, Dairy, Grain, Soy, Wheat And Chemical FREE!


Our Powdered Ice Cream Is Shelf Stable For Up To 12 Months, And Once Mixed And Frozen, Lasts For Up To 3 Months In The Freezer (But, They Won't Last That Long).  Delicious Ice Cream For Your Fur Baby, Anytime You Want. What's Better Than That?! And With None Of The Chemicals That Are Included In Those 'From The Freezer' Ice Creams For Dogs, Or The Ones That You And I Enjoy.  Instead, Give Them Something That Is Good And Good For Them!



We're Mixing Up Some Great New Additions For The New Year.  Comfort Creams Will Be Back And Better Than Ever Starting In March of 2018!

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